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The Bacon Dilemma

Most of you know that we don’t have bacon in stock a lot of the time. We currently raise 25 pigs a year to keep most cuts of pork in stock at all times and sell some sides to people who like to buy in bulk. On a pig there are several areas and where the bacon comes from is called the belly. It is then smoked and sliced into bacon. We also started getting bacon made out of the shoulder and loin (back bacon) which is very tasty but it’s just not the same as belly bacon. A belly on our pigs is about 20 pounds and the entire carcass of a pig for us is typically 160 pounds.

CF Pig Shape Cuts(1)(1).jpg

Since bacon is a super popular cut for us we only seem to have it in stock for a few months of the year because when we get it back from our butcher it just flys out of display case at the market. Every time we get bacon back it seems to be sold out faster and faster because most of you have realized this and like to stock up. It is also popular with people that attend the market occasionally but aren’t regulars. They see the bacon as they are walking by and decide to get it as a treat. As thankful as I am to be able to sell bacon very fast it can also be very frustrating. When I am sold out of something and then get asked for it I feel bad. I don’t like to disappoint my customers because your support means a lot to me. When I explain to people that pigs are only abut 12% bacon and that I need to sell the rest of the pig too I usually get a laugh from people and then they walk away. I need everyone’s support if they want more bacon to be available because the more pork I sell the more pigs I can raise and more bacon for everyone!


I know many farmers and anyone else who sells meat has problems with supply and demand of certain products. Part of why I sell my meat is because I like educating people about where their food comes from. Not many people realize that you can only do so many things with each part of a carcass and that you have to eat the whole thing so that nothing goes to waste. So this week at the farmers market I encourage you to try something you’ve never had before while picking up your favorite cuts. I cook everything I sell except organs so if you want cooking tips just ask!

Written by Susan Hamilton, Owner/Operator